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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tips I've Learned Over the Years

This may be a shocker so brace yourself... people lose stuff on the river. You may have already known this, but many still decide to take their most prized processions with them on their float trip. Many probably don’t think about taking off their wedding ring, securing their wallet, or waterproofing their phone. Although we all think we couldn’t possibly lose this stuff and the usual, “nahh it’ll be okay”, I promise you’ll be happier at the end of the day if you listen to some of these suggestions. Please take your rings and jewelry off! Leave them at home even! I know you want to show your love for your spouse, but imagine how angry they’ll be if you drop your wedding ring, mother’s day necklace, etc. in the water. Trust me, that thing is gone if you do. You don’t need lots of jewelry to go on a floating and camping trip. Save yourself some grief and leave it at home, or buy some cheap jewelry to wear on your trip instead.

            It is also not a good idea to take all of your cash, credit cards, and important identification with you on the water if it is not in a secure place. No, your pocket is not a secure place. You will jump in the water or tip and then all of the sudden your wallet is floating down the river. We sell boxes and bags at the store if you need a water proof option. Otherwise, it is suggested that you secure your items either to your canoe or to yourself somehow. We’ve seen lots of people go on their trip with a wallet and come back without any of their personal items. Or their personal devices, like cell phones, completely ruined. If you bring your phone with you on the water, put rice on your list of things to bring! That way you’ll have something to try to save your phone from the water. A good suggestion to replace your phone is to get a cheap waterproof watch and a waterproof radio (or a cheap one you don’t mind getting ruined) for some tunes!

            I’ve also learned a few other tips over my years of watching what goes on at Huzzah Valley on weekends. One of the other suggestions I have for you is to wear sunscreen. I know I know... you want to get your tan on, but you will get a tan even if you wear sunscreen. If you’re anything like me, you will even burn a little with sunscreen. The sun is brutal. You don’t want to be miserable the entire trip by making the decision you don’t need any protection from the harmful rays!

            Most importantly, don’t forget to bring people you can enjoy your vacation with! Vacations can be fun with bringing just a dog or by bringing the whole family! Just do what is best for you; time to relax and have fun! Some want to bring their families and relax and some want to bring their friends and party. That is why, here at Huzzah Valley, we like to separate our Family side from our Loud side. This is a crucial part of enjoying your stay. You can get exactly what you want out of your vacation. Don’t forget to book your reservations early so you can get the sites you want for your stay! 

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