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Friday, April 7, 2017

Kid Hacks for the Hackless Parents

Kid Hacks for the Hackless Parents


We all know the difficulty of keeping kids entertained. Usually we settle for letting them watch movies or playing games on a tablet, but it’s time to go camping!! How do we keep them entertained in the outdoors you ask?! Well here are a couple ideas for when you are done relaxing in the water for the day!

 One way to keep a child (and even some crafty adults) entertained is friendship bracelets!! Bring some string and a few pages printed out with easy to follow instructions. They’ll be working on different kinds and patterns all day. Just don’t forget the scissors!!


Another great idea is making rain sticks. All you need is old toilet paper rolls, beads or rice, something to cover the ends, glue, and paint! If you want to add a little.. or a lot.. of sparkle, feel free!! Bring lots of glitter and colorful paint to decorate the outside.

 Ever wanted a pet rock?! Well now is the time to go find the perfect one. Select your favorite looking rock and put googly eyes on them!! Get creative and give them the perfect outfit to match with paint!

Don’t forget the crayons! Who doesn’t like to color? Bring crayons or markers and watch and see how many people you can entertain! The adults will probably have fun with this one as well. Bring some adult coloring books with you. What’s more peaceful than sitting by the flowing river and campfire just coloring? It’ll make you want to be a kid again!!

If you like this blog let us know! I’d love to hear your feedback. Did you try any of these? Do you have any more ways you keep your kids entertained?

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