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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Camping Hacks - for the hackless

Camping Tricks You've Gotta Try

We've all been seeing all these life hacks floating around the internet, now it's time to give camping hacks a try. I've found a few camping tricks that I think every regular camper needs to try out or even for those of you new to camping. Make your camping experience even better.
Here's a few things I found:

*Having problems with not enough lighting? Try filling a jug with water and attaching a light to it. This illuminates the area and doesn't create too bright of a light so you can enjoy the campfire and stars. Also, try using solar lights. They make ones that you can stick right in the ground. Use them all around your campsite to see or just put them next to your tent so you don't trip over those pesky poles and ropes at night! This tip is especially useful to those, like myself, that are accident prone.

*Having issues with your tent zippers not sealing? You can rub wax on them and this will help seal them. Keep the rain on the side of the tent it belongs! Rain inside of the tent makes for a challenging camping trip. Always be prepared! Rain could make for a very relaxing sleep if you seal your tents correctly.

*Tired of having a dirty tent floor? Leave a shoe basket by the front opening. Take your shoes off and put them in it. Don't forget this very important step. If you miss this step the basket becomes useless. (Remind your husbands. They tend to forget this step.)

*Want to class up your tent? Add a little sparkle to your tent by hanging some string lights. This helps your tent look good and you can actually see at night! Also useful for a night light if you camp with children or anyone that loves sleeping with the light on. For those that love sleeping with a TV on add a radio and make the lights blinking.

*Want eggs for breakfast but just not sure how to pack them? Crack your eggs and put them in a water bottle. Be sure to clean it thoroughly first! Don't forget to bring a skillet and spatula.

Well that is all the tips I have for you today. Let us know if you found any of these tips useful and share with us if you have any other tips you can't live without that others NEED to know!!

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