Huzzah Valley

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tips I've Learned Over the Years

This may be a shocker so brace yourself... people lose stuff on the river. You may have already known this, but many still decide to take their most prized processions with them on their float trip. Many probably don’t think about taking off their wedding ring, securing their wallet, or waterproofing their phone. Although we all think we couldn’t possibly lose this stuff and the usual, “nahh it’ll be okay”, I promise you’ll be happier at the end of the day if you listen to some of these suggestions. Please take your rings and jewelry off! Leave them at home even! I know you want to show your love for your spouse, but imagine how angry they’ll be if you drop your wedding ring, mother’s day necklace, etc. in the water. Trust me, that thing is gone if you do. You don’t need lots of jewelry to go on a floating and camping trip. Save yourself some grief and leave it at home, or buy some cheap jewelry to wear on your trip instead.

            It is also not a good idea to take all of your cash, credit cards, and important identification with you on the water if it is not in a secure place. No, your pocket is not a secure place. You will jump in the water or tip and then all of the sudden your wallet is floating down the river. We sell boxes and bags at the store if you need a water proof option. Otherwise, it is suggested that you secure your items either to your canoe or to yourself somehow. We’ve seen lots of people go on their trip with a wallet and come back without any of their personal items. Or their personal devices, like cell phones, completely ruined. If you bring your phone with you on the water, put rice on your list of things to bring! That way you’ll have something to try to save your phone from the water. A good suggestion to replace your phone is to get a cheap waterproof watch and a waterproof radio (or a cheap one you don’t mind getting ruined) for some tunes!

            I’ve also learned a few other tips over my years of watching what goes on at Huzzah Valley on weekends. One of the other suggestions I have for you is to wear sunscreen. I know I know... you want to get your tan on, but you will get a tan even if you wear sunscreen. If you’re anything like me, you will even burn a little with sunscreen. The sun is brutal. You don’t want to be miserable the entire trip by making the decision you don’t need any protection from the harmful rays!

            Most importantly, don’t forget to bring people you can enjoy your vacation with! Vacations can be fun with bringing just a dog or by bringing the whole family! Just do what is best for you; time to relax and have fun! Some want to bring their families and relax and some want to bring their friends and party. That is why, here at Huzzah Valley, we like to separate our Family side from our Loud side. This is a crucial part of enjoying your stay. You can get exactly what you want out of your vacation. Don’t forget to book your reservations early so you can get the sites you want for your stay! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Things to Know About Huzzah Valley

5 Things to Know About Huzzah Valley:

1.      Huzzah Valley has a very interesting history. Huzzah Valley was a battle ground during the Civil War. The battle of Pilot Knob was fought September 27, 1864 between General Thomas Ewing and the Confederates under General Price. General Ewing’s troops were defeated and retreated by night, covering more than sixty miles in thirty-six hours. It was during this retreat, ending in Leasburg, where the battle was fought at Huzzah Valley between General Ewing’s exhausted men and the pursuing confederates. The Presbyterian Church became a hospital for the wounded of both sides, which still stands at the entrance of Huzzah Valley Resort as the “Red Barn” that we now call it and have known it as. It is known that at least three soldiers were buried at the Huzzah Valley Farm originally owned by the Carr family in the 1860’s. There is still one marked grave site on the premises.  

2.  We are pet lovers! You’ll see lots of pets at Huzzah Valley. Of course why wouldn’t you?! Pets are part of the family too! What would a family vacation be without man’s best friend? So feel free to bring them along. We do ask that you keep them on leashes. You’ll probably see our favorite pet, the Goldendoodle named Luke roaming around the store. Be sure to stop and say hi!

3.      Our staff is very friendly. There are no stupid questions here at Huzzah Valley so, feel free to ask! We love helping our guests with any and everything they need. You’ll always be greeted with a smile. We enjoy hearing the stories of your camping trip or about your children. We are looking forward to this season and hearing all about your experiences this summer!

4.      We’ve been in business since 1979. Huzzah Valley is a family owned business, so we know just how important family is. We accredit our long business life to our guests 
that keep coming back. Our guests become a part of the Huzzah Valley family. We’ve learned a lot over the years and we try to keep up with the new trends and technology. Our resort has come a long way since 1979. We’ve built a large store, added lots of dedicated workers, and even built multiple lodging units; which brings us to the fifth thing you should know about Huzzah Valley:

5.      We are always expanding and upgrading! Recently we added the Cozy Creek Cabins. We are starting the process of adding more campsites as well, both on the Family Area and the Zoo/Loud Area. We are always trying to add more amenities to help better suit our customer’s needs. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Your ideas are always greatly appreciated.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Kid Hacks for the Hackless Parents

Kid Hacks for the Hackless Parents


We all know the difficulty of keeping kids entertained. Usually we settle for letting them watch movies or playing games on a tablet, but it’s time to go camping!! How do we keep them entertained in the outdoors you ask?! Well here are a couple ideas for when you are done relaxing in the water for the day!

 One way to keep a child (and even some crafty adults) entertained is friendship bracelets!! Bring some string and a few pages printed out with easy to follow instructions. They’ll be working on different kinds and patterns all day. Just don’t forget the scissors!!


Another great idea is making rain sticks. All you need is old toilet paper rolls, beads or rice, something to cover the ends, glue, and paint! If you want to add a little.. or a lot.. of sparkle, feel free!! Bring lots of glitter and colorful paint to decorate the outside.

 Ever wanted a pet rock?! Well now is the time to go find the perfect one. Select your favorite looking rock and put googly eyes on them!! Get creative and give them the perfect outfit to match with paint!

Don’t forget the crayons! Who doesn’t like to color? Bring crayons or markers and watch and see how many people you can entertain! The adults will probably have fun with this one as well. Bring some adult coloring books with you. What’s more peaceful than sitting by the flowing river and campfire just coloring? It’ll make you want to be a kid again!!

If you like this blog let us know! I’d love to hear your feedback. Did you try any of these? Do you have any more ways you keep your kids entertained?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Camping Hacks - for the hackless

Camping Tricks You've Gotta Try

We've all been seeing all these life hacks floating around the internet, now it's time to give camping hacks a try. I've found a few camping tricks that I think every regular camper needs to try out or even for those of you new to camping. Make your camping experience even better.
Here's a few things I found:

*Having problems with not enough lighting? Try filling a jug with water and attaching a light to it. This illuminates the area and doesn't create too bright of a light so you can enjoy the campfire and stars. Also, try using solar lights. They make ones that you can stick right in the ground. Use them all around your campsite to see or just put them next to your tent so you don't trip over those pesky poles and ropes at night! This tip is especially useful to those, like myself, that are accident prone.

*Having issues with your tent zippers not sealing? You can rub wax on them and this will help seal them. Keep the rain on the side of the tent it belongs! Rain inside of the tent makes for a challenging camping trip. Always be prepared! Rain could make for a very relaxing sleep if you seal your tents correctly.

*Tired of having a dirty tent floor? Leave a shoe basket by the front opening. Take your shoes off and put them in it. Don't forget this very important step. If you miss this step the basket becomes useless. (Remind your husbands. They tend to forget this step.)

*Want to class up your tent? Add a little sparkle to your tent by hanging some string lights. This helps your tent look good and you can actually see at night! Also useful for a night light if you camp with children or anyone that loves sleeping with the light on. For those that love sleeping with a TV on add a radio and make the lights blinking.

*Want eggs for breakfast but just not sure how to pack them? Crack your eggs and put them in a water bottle. Be sure to clean it thoroughly first! Don't forget to bring a skillet and spatula.

Well that is all the tips I have for you today. Let us know if you found any of these tips useful and share with us if you have any other tips you can't live without that others NEED to know!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Life at Huzzah Valley: Missouri's Most Complete Family Resort!

2016 HV

Spring is already in the air down here at Huzzah Valley. Our grass is turning green and the trees are starting to bud. It's hard to believe that in just a short couple of weeks we will be hosting our annual Opening Weekend Party; April 15-16th! Good times will be had by all, and the best part is you get one night of camping for FREE. If you haven't made reservations yet, it's a definite must! Try using our new online reservation system to reserve your spot today!

Speaking of making online reservations, we worked very hard this winter to update not only our website, but our online reservations system as well. Many of you got a small taste of how to use it last summer. Since then, with customer convenience in mind, we have added many new features including making your reservation payment online. How cool is this? So, check out the new and improved . Even though we have this awesome new website, we want you to know that our receptionists are still here to take any phone calls that you may have regarding reservations or the campground. 

We are looking forward to another fantastic summer here at HV and hope to see not only all our returning customers, but new faces as well. Bring out your family and friends to enjoy the crystal clear Huzzah and let this coming summer be the best one yet!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Floating is a fun year round activity!


It is important to know what you can bring and can’t bring in order to make your trip one to remember.  If you follow these few simple steps you will have a great time and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    We will provide every person with a life vest. Make sure that the vest fits
    correctly and that you are familiar with the vest and its use before you begin your
  • SHOES:
    Bring a good pair of water shoes or old tennis shoes. If you wear flip flops, chances are you will probably lose at least one if not both down the river. Good water shoes will keep your feet protected from the sharp rocks and edges you may encounter along the way.

    Appropriate hot weather clothing includes shorts and or swimsuit.  Showers or thunder storms could develop anytime and a poncho or light rain wear is always a good idea. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to get a sunburn on the river even on hazy cool days so don't forget your sunscreen.  There is nothing worse than a sunburn that could have been prevented. Make sure you pack plenty of waterproof sunscreen and a hat. Being on the water will intensify your exposure to the sun even on an overcast day.  When the weather is cool wear light layers.  Always bring a dry change of clothing and shoes to change into following your trip.  Any extra clothing taken on your trip should be packed into water proof bags or containers.

    Don’t forget your dry bag or box. These are great to store all those valuable things you don’t want to get wet such as phones and cameras and of course your dry clothes.  Cameras should be taken on your river trip only if you can keep them in waterproof containers or if they are waterproof or underwater cameras.  Garbage bags may be used but they should be doubled.
    Water tight buckets with lids and coolers also work well.

    Bring plenty of drinking water and soft drinks or juices as to keep yourself hydrated.  Never bring glass containers on the river, it is prohibited as per Missouri Statute 306.325.  Although alcohol is permitted in moderate amounts for those of legal drinking age; alcohol is not recommended for your own safety.  Bring a good, secure cooler that isn’t going to leak for storing all your beverages and food. Remember NO Styrofoam of any kind is allowed on the Missouri waterways. Lunch and or snacks should be placed in small coolers to keep them dry. These coolers should have attached lids. Avoid foods that need to be cooked.
  • LITTER AND VALUABLES:                                                                                                         Protect your valuables by leaving them at home.  Lock any valuables you did
    bring in your car and out of sight. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen
    items. If you need to take wallets and other valuables on the river they should be
    kept in waterproof zip lock bags and all containers with valuables should be tied
    into your canoe or raft. Also tied into your canoe or raft should be the litter bags
    that are provided for you. That way should you capsize the litter will remain in
    your bag instead of in the river.
  • FIRST AID:  To be on the safe side pack a first aid kit. 
  • Eyeglasses should be worn with floating eyeglass cords or straps. 
  • Make sure your car keys are in a secure and safe place. 
  • Fishing Licenses are required for everyone 16 years of age and older.